The Sales Cycle: Building Rapport With Your Prospect

Your initial contact with a prospect (potential ideal client) is the just one of the steps in the sales cycle and the most important one!

During your first encounter with your prospect (whether face to face, by phone or skype), you must have an agenda and a strategic plan.  There is much to learn about your prosepct in order to build a strong and authentic relationship straight out of the gate.  Always remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.  There is critical information that will help you to not only determine whether they are your ideal client, but also to help establish the KLT Factor (Know, Like & Trust).  Your goal:  get answers to these questions by instituting the 80/20 Rule of sales communication (let the prospect speak 80% of the time while you speak only 20% of the time.  Here are some good questions to get you started:

1)  Where do you live?  How do you like living there?

2)  Are you married or single?  If married, for how long?

3)  Do you have children? If yes, what are their ages?

4)  What is your passion in life both personally and professionally?

5)  What are your core values and beliefs?

6)  What is your occupations/What do you do for a living?

7)  How did you get starting in this occupation?

8)  Do you believe you’re doing your life’s work?

9)  Are you making as much money from this work that you think you should be?

10) Is there anything you would change about your current work?

These questions can be asked during the initial, “let’s get to know each other a little bit” time or during your formal assessment review.  It’s is so important to learn as much about your prospect as possible so you are in the best possible position to guide them through your sales cycle and in determining how to help them with their biggest problems/concerns.

Action Step:

1)  Develop a formal process for your initial prospect conversation, including a list of questions, an agenda for the meeting, and a follow up procedure.

2)  Develop additional questions that you believe will help you get to know your prospect on both a personal and professional level.

3)  Remember to ask your questions in a conversational way and NOT like an investigator at an accident scene.

4)  Make your prospect feel completely comfortable answering your questions by letting them know that all information is kept completely confidential and they are in a safe and nuturing environment so they can share their true feelings and desires.

What are some questions that you ask during your initial conversation with a prospect?  Let me know by adding your comments!

Sherry Auble

Breakthrough Success Strategies For Soul-Centered Women Entrepreneurs


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